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The Cloud Platform runs on an application called, "Nextcloud". The platform is designed to create a private group for collaboration. One way to think of it is as an online office space. You store your assets for projects or personal use in the Files application. You share files with others users to get projects done using the built-in sharing functionality. The Talk application allows for real time chat collaboration. The calendar and Tasks applications allow for monitoring your schedule and tasks individually or for groups.

The Activity application tracks your and the groups activity. Activities are lists of actions take. This can include saving of files, renaming files, commenting on files or lists, and many other things. The feed is categorized and filterable by types of activities. This application allows you a birds eye view of your platform and everything that is happening.

Sharing is an integral part of the Cloud Platform. Most items and things are sharable, and you are meant to share items with other users to get work done. You are also able to share files or folders with users outside of your group. These are public links.

The Notes Application is a place to jot down a quick note to remember. You organize your notes by category and time. When you create a note and category it is stored in your personal file system as a text document. You are able to share notes from your files application directly.

Sharing projects within the platform is a way to distribute files and other materials with fellow Next Cloud Users.

The Talk application is used for real-time collaboration with other members in your group. You are able to create conversations to chat privately, or with many members. Conversations are able to be pinned to files, folders, and projects to collaborate in real-time, on real items that need problems solved.

The Announcements application on the platform is used for administrators to communicate with all users on the platform. Here you will see a blog style list of posts from administrators concerning information important to the platform or groups.

The files application is your primary application on this cloud services platform. The files app allows you to upload, share, and download documents and folders with other members of your team. You are able to create projects and link folders with other things on the platform, like Talk conversations. You have access to your group folder, which is a shared folder for all members of a group in the main Files folder. Personal documents are stored outside of your group folder.

The Gallery application is a place to view your photos. It allows you a clean interface for easy viewing of project, or personal photos. You are able to start slideshows here and share files or folders directly from within the application.

The Calendar application is used to track your events. Views available are Month, Week, Day, and today views. You are able to house multiple calendars in your application and share them with other users. On event creation, you are able to add reminders, add attendees, start and end times, and a few more options.

The Cloud Platform integrates with your devices through installed applications. Be it mobile, or desktop, you are able to access your files and notifications from that device. On mobile this is done through the Nextcloud Files application in your app store. You download the app and then link your cloud platform with the URL and Username to begin synchronizing the appropriate files, folders, pictures, or whatever else you need from your phone to your online portal.

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