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Our Charter:


The Division of MH/DD/SAS is invested in providers doing good work and advancing prevention toward successful outcomes. Supporting the work of prevention professionals is at the heart of healthy communities in North Carolina.

DMH/DD/SAS provides support for these TA services and receives aggregate reports on TA successes. DMH/DD/SAS also looks to the TA system to identify common challenges for prevention providers that may need system-wide attention. Providers may contact their LME-MCO and the DMH/DD/SAS with any questions, especially those relating to funding, development or submission of budgets and understanding of directives.


Our Consultants:


We have TA experts from North Carolina (and across the U.S.) who have had successes with ATOD prevention work (and also know how challenging this work can be). Consultant expertise ranges from managing classrooms and curriculums to working with established coalitions, as well as from implementing environmental strategies to focusing on ATOD policy work from the ground up. Consultants are here to help you with the work you are already doing, not to create more. Consultants will help you think about how to address local conditions using prevention science in your OWN community to achieve successful outcomes!


This service is designed to meet your needs. Should you have a question about how to do something related to your prevention work, give the North Carolina TA staff a call to discuss your needs. Sometimes questions can be answered in one phone call, and other times spending additional time to work toward a solution is a good idea. Should you have a question or issue that warrants more time, staff will match and introduce you to an ATOD prevention expert who will discuss what you'd like to accomplish as a result of TA and then set up monthly calls at your convenience. Prior to each call, the consultant will send an agenda that includes a summary of the last call and next steps to help keep you on track and working toward your goal.


For more information contact:


Jamie Edwards, Director
North Carolina Training and Technical Assistance Center

North Carolina Training and Technical Assistance Center

7830 North Point Boulevard, Suite 205

Winston Salem, NC 27106

Phone: 336-949-3006


Funding in whole or in part for was provided by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services with funding from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.